Who are we? Kiribil Sarea and its member agencies

We are a network of non profit institutions of local social initiatives; we work for community empowerment through socio-educational programs at the municipal level.

In total we are a network of 7 entities that manages 32 projects with 152 volunteers and 44 paid professionals with different dedications and roles.

Kiribil network originates from a common diagnosis of needs and the positive assessment of networking developed between the partners:

• Free time education is a key for community development in a particular place and time.

• The experiences developed over the last decades in Bizkaia push us to consolidate these initiatives that combine volunteers with paid professionals.

• Some initiatives:

1.      Promote sustainable construction in our society,

2.      Strengthen the existing network of associations through cooperation and networking,

3.      Fostering the relationship between people and non profit groups,

4.      Dialogue with the community and local government, from shared responsibility.

The increasingly complex context, in which they develop the social and educational services, legal requirements, more demanding, and the complexity of organizations willing to take on the challenge of managing services in this space, requires the generation of dynamic shared work to the optimization of resources under the criteria of economy of scale and joint response to shared needs.

As a network of organizations backing a community development model with the following characteristics:

Our working keys are:

• The promotion and enhancement of the resources of the participating entities.
• The networking and coordination of professional and volunteer resources.
• Sharing knowledge: learning from the experiences of the entities within the network.
• Provide a regional perspective to local projects.

Since, by and for the community

• We are in the local communities, meet people and work with them. Our ideas and projects come from people living needs.
• We work for the empowerment of the community and its people especially the weakest and most vulnerable. We are committed to reinvest all resources that manage and gain the benefit of the community by creating new projects.
• We believe that community development comprises the development of each of the persons who composed it.
• Each person has the right to participate in the development of their community. Therefore we support the participation of people understanding that these must be present throughout the project: identifying needs, setting objectives, concrete actions and evaluation process.
• Our goals are linked to social change aspect of development. Encourage and assist the community-based organizations to build new features or to rehabilitate and maintain existing ones.

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a. Why this network? ... Mission

We are a network of nonprofit institutions of local social initiatives, we work for community empowerment through socio-educational programs at the municipal level. We set up a network for:
• facilitate coordination between the partners,
• promote our model,
• provide support for improved management of the partners and
• develop programs and projects jointly.

b. Where do we walk? ... Vision

• We want to become a referenced network for socio-educational local projects, mainly in Bizkaia and in the future at Basque Country level.
• We hope that our community development model could be the framework for project designers and the government and the beginning of bet on this model as a management practice in local programs.
• We have a network of consolidated entities, with a solid management team and trained staff for the development of the projects we undertake.

c. How we work key values and work

The values that guide the daily Kiribil network are:
Cooperation: As the joint work carried out by the partners to achieve a shared goal.
Transparency: as a procedure to perform our actions in public (internal and external to our agents of interest), as a legitimate means of democratic participation of our bases.
Exchange: Reciprocal actions, services and experiences among partner organizations.
Democracy: is understood as a model of government that guarantees the participation of the people who compose the organization.
Respect for diversity as a criteria for the development of projects tailored to each local reality in which we participate.
Social Transformation, conscious, planned, sustained and based on existing needs, affects personal and community development.
Sustainability: understood as the ability of entities to develop the proposed projects from Kiribil Sarea and involving their bases.

  • Kiribil Sarea
  • Ganbara Elkargunea, Calle Ronda s/n. 48005 Bilbao
  • Tlf: 946569218

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